Juke Joint Dance Party Nr. 3 Road Runners Rock & MotorClub Berlin-1.25.19

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Juke Joint Dance Party Nr 3

Saudia Young, USA will bring her Noir Rhythm & Blues vocals to the Juke Joint Dance Party Nr 3, Saturday, January 25th at Road Runners Rock & Motor club in Berlin. Young will share the stage with a formative headliner,  the elegant, powerful blues harmonica player and singer Keith Dunn, USA and Lars Vegas, DE, the singer and ‘Deltabilly / blues guitar phenomena.

The Lars Vegas band with guests  James Sunburst, DE on  Contra Bass & Marlon Browden, USA on drums will open the JJDP, and then accompany Dunn and Young.

The Juke Joint Dance Party is a dream from the heart for Vegas and a revelation for the whole gang. Something magic happens when these folks play together. Some call it channelling. Others just call it a heck of a good time. JJDP is a  tip of the old chapeau to the Juke Joints of the oppressive Jim Crow South, where black folks were barred from public spaces, thus creating their own. It was in these spaces where some of the most important roots music of the era was born and many life-celebrating dances created. 

The Lars Vegas band is tight and the three headliners hypnotizing.  
The party will mark the end of an era as Young will return to her home in the US Feb 1st after living in Berlin for over a decade. ‘It’s only a farewell’ as Young will return to Germany and Europe for tours. 
Come on down and shake a tail feather.

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