It’s Showtime! What a year people! Right!? Holy Rolling Thunder!A year full of devastating loss and miraculous gifts. So, we are pulling on our army boots and hitting the boards yet again. What else can we do? The show must go on. Upcoming adventures for this storyteller include:

15.11.19 We Got Soul!    Klunkerkranich Berlin
Live with Lars Vegas + Moe Jaksch– Noir Rhythm & Blues meets Deltabilly!

27.11.19. Lars Vegas Presents Saudia Young at Yorckschlössen
featuring Carsten Liedtke on drums and Andy Sire on Contra Bass! Noir Rhythm & Blues meets Deltabilly.

2.12.19  Music video shoot for  ‘Unlovable’, the title song from 12″ VINYL, with Thilo HornschildMoe Jaksch & Pete Devile. Directed and shot by Video Siren.

3.12.19   ‘Unlovable’ video Wrap Party at Toast Hawaii, with a stage show featuring the same dudes AND special guest Djane Golby Surround!

Yo! I LOVE you all. Thank you for supporting this crazy-ass Dilettante1962. I freaking really needed it! I love you, mom. R.I.P.