For Immediate Release Jan 20, 2020

Saudia Young, USA will bring her Noir Rhythm & Blues vocals to the Juke Joint Dance Party Nr 3, Saturday, January 25th at Road Runners Rock & Motor club in Berlin. Young will share the stage with a formative headliner, the elegant, powerful blues harmonica player and singer Keith Dunn, USA and Lars Vegas, DE, the singer and ‘Deltabilly / blues guitar phenomena.

The Lars Vegas, DE, band with guest players James Sunburst, DE, on Contra Bass & Marlon Browden, US, on drums will open the JJDP and accompany Dunn and Young.

The Juke Joint Dance Party is a dream project for Vegas and a revelation for the whole gang. Something magic happens when these folks play together. Some call it channelling. Others just call it a heck of a good time. JJDP is a tip of the old chapeau to the Juke Joints of the oppressive Jim Crow South, where black folks were barred from public spaces, thus creating their own. It was in these spaces where some of the most important roots music of the era was born and many life-celebrating dances created.

The Lars Vegas band is tight and the three headliners hypnotizing.

The party will mark the end of an era as Young will return to her home in the US Feb 1st after living in Berlin for over a decade. ‘It’s only a farewell’ as Young will return to Germany and Europe for tours with the Lars Vegas Band.

Come on down and shake a tail feather.

Lars Vegas

This event is opened and accompanied by the LARS VEGAS BAND: Lars Vegas hardly needs any introduction in Berlin. His musical journey as a singer, guitarist and double bass player took him around the world. As a young blues performer, Lars played with American blues legends such as Louisiana Red, Big Jay McNeely, David Evans and others. Lars learned from their years of experience and soon became a bandleader himself, winning several blues awards. His worldwide tours have taken him to the Royal Albert Hall in London and as an opener on Jeff Beck’s UK tour. As musical director and guitarist, he has been involved in bands with millions of album sales and two Echo Awards, as well as gold, platinum and other awards. Lars co-produced an album for Warner Music at Sun Studios in Memphis and wrote songs for Universal Music, BMG and many others.

Saudia Young

Saudia Young – Noir Rhythm & Blues & Noir Rockabilly! NYC born singer-songwriter with powerful whiskey caramel drenched vocals & her ‘Noir Rhythm & Blues ‘ band is stealing hearts one stage at a time. Noir Rhythm & Blues & Noir Rockabilly are a combination of Bo Diddley style Roots music, Rhythm & Blues, Rockabilly, with a dash of the dark side of Americana AKA Dark Kabarett. Young’s sultry voice, humorous charismatic stage presence, along with the musician’s constant striving for excellence, make this an act not to be missed. Influences and comparisons include Sugar Pie Desanto, Big Mamma Thornton, Nick Curran and Lenny Bruce…
‘If Big Mamma Thornton and Nick Curran had a love child, it would be Saudia Young’ -Dr. Markus Bandur-Musicologist, Berlin

Keith Dunn

The headliner of the evening is KEITH DUNN, one of the few remaining authentic African American blues singers and harmonica players of his generation.
A nephew of Jimmy McCracklin, Keith grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. At the age of nine, Keith saw a T-Bone Walker concert in the park where he often played baseball. Muddy Waters performed at his school when Keith was fourteen These two experiences brought Keith Dunn to the blues highway 40 years ago. As a blues musician, he played all of the different styles of North American blues in his own unique way and worked with many blues legends, such as Billy Boy Arnold, Big Mama Thornton, Jimmy Rogers and many others. Keith calls his blues style “Delta Roll” because he takes the best of both Delta Blues and Rock’n’Roll – always with special attention to the rhythm of these musical styles

+Saudia Young and band members are available for radio appearances.​.

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