Saudia Young
Extra Extra read All About it! There is a new arrival into the Muttis Booking family roster: SaudiaYoung. Rocking it Noir Rockabilly Blues style, NYC born & Berlin based actress/singer with powerful soul drenched vocals, is ‘bringing sexy back’ to R&B & Rockabilly with her ‘Noir Rockabilly Blues’project and with the help of Muttis Booking, ‘taking it on the road’. Noir Rockbilly Blues is a combination of Rhythm & Blues and Rockabilly, adding a dash of Dark Kabarett. Saudia Young`s sultry voice, humorous charismatic stage presence, along with the musician’s constant striving for excellence, make this an act not to be missed.
Saudia Young an experienced working actress/singer from New York City is living and working in Berlin since 2008. ‘The Band’ is a rotating array of local Rockbilly , R&B and Jazz hotshots including :
Lars Vegas-guitar, Klaas Wendling-contra bass & Richard Grant-drums (The Love Gloves), Alistair Christl-guitar, Lesly Ann Chritsl -drums & Puck Lensing-contra bass (AC & the Shakes, the Offenders), Florian von Frieling-guitar & Malte Tonißen-contra bass (Kind of Dukish)
Influences and comparisons include: Sugar Pie Desanto, Big Mamma Thornton &Elvis Presley…
‘If Big Mamma Thornton, Lenny Bruce, Imelda May had a baby it would be Saudia’
-Ruth Sergel-author-See You In The Streets
“The greatest female growler in Germany”
-Dj Christopher Rose-Berlin
“She is the Black Marlene Dietrich”
-Dorte Heilweit-blogger
“She is an amazing talent. A comedic actress with a killer voice. The stage show is ferocious”
-Judith Richert-actress
videos & recordings:

2017 Saudia Young-Noir Rockabilly Blues  7″    Vinyl  Berlin
2007 Artboy Love                                                         EP  Berlin
2013 Saudia Young                                                        EP Berlin
2016 ‘The Wobble’